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IIS Cheatsheet

IIS Reverse Proxy Server: I have found following url useful for Reverse Proxy Server FTP IIS Manager User This url can be helpful

MS SQL Server Cheatsheet

Reseeding a table identity in MS SQL Server DBCC CHECKIDENT (tablename, RESEED, new_reseed_value) Truncate Table truncate tablename Check Log size of all database DBCC SQLPERF(LOGSPACE);   Connection String Standard Security: 1. Server=ServerNameOrIpAddress;Database=DatabaseName;User Id=Username; Password=Password; Trusted Connection: 2. Server=ServerNameOrIpAddress;Database=DatabaseName;Trusted_Connection=True; Connection to a SQL Server instance: 1. Server=ServerNameOrIpAddress\InstanceName;Database=DatabaseName;User Id=myUsername;Password=Password; Trusted Connection from a CE device: 1. Data Source=ServerNameOrIpAddress;Initial Catalog=DatabaseName;Integrated Security=SSPI; User ID=myDomain\myUsername;Password=Password; Connect via an IP address: 1. Data