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Linux Cheatsheet

Creating symbolic link
ln -s [sourcepath] [destination]
example: ls -s /tmp/webportal /var/www/mysite

To search for a particular package by name or description
apt-cache search package-
example: apt-cache search php5-

Insalling module in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install nameofthemodule

Watch Process

Show all the running processes within your Linux environment using following one of these


watch -n 1 “ps u -C processname1,processname2,processname3”
example: watch -n 1 “ps u -C memcached,php,varnishd,apache2”

more information can be found at :

Verifying Which Ports Are Listening
netstat -anp | grep portnumber

backgound script
nohup sh &
nohup >&
nohup /path/to/your/ > /dev/null 2>&1 &
nohup ./ > /dev/null 2>&1 &

Kill Process
kill PID
more infomation can be found at :

Getting information of disk:
df -h

Getting information of the size of the current directory
du -h


Following links might be helpful for configuring SSL on linux machince.

Exporting SSL certificates from Windows to Linux